African Albino Foundation

The African Albino Foundation increases the quality of life of albinos in Africa.
We buy sunscreen and UV protective resources. We send them to various African countries. Besides, the foundation supports projects where volunteers in Africa can produce their own sunscreen.
Thanks to donations from companies, individuals, schools and churches, we can purchase sunscreen and pay the transportation.

Latest news

  • Distribution of Sunscreen Lotion in Rukwa and Katavi  (Tanzania)

    Distribution of Sunscreen Lotion in Rukwa and Katavi (Tanzania)

    Albino Society Netherland had been assisting persons with albinism in Tanzania to get sunscreen lotion; the distribution had been targeting persons who live very far from town who cannot easily get the lotion. The distribution had been appreciated by beneficiaries themselves, government officers, parents and the community at large. This makes the trip an huge success: – The distribution reached […]
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