Country: Guinea-Bissau

Number of albinos: 144

UV-protective materials dispatched in 2015: 0 litres sun lotion

Active since: 2007

In 2007 the first shipment of sun lotion left for Guinea-Bissau. By now the African Albino Foundation is helping 90 albinos. Through an article in the NRC Jan van Maanen approached the foundation for help for 30 albinos. Jan van Maanen, who has lived in Guinea-Bissau for 20 years has been working for years as Honorary British/Dutch Consul. He was approached by Alberto Siga, the chairman of the Albino Association of Guinea-Bissau. They wanted to hold a census to find out how many albinos there were in Guinea-Bissau. Financing was found for this project and 75 albinos were counted of which 30 lived in or around the capital city. Since then the number of albinos receiving sun lotion has risen to around 140.

Distribution and educative information

Transport is organised via Mavegro Trading, Jan van Maanen’s company. Every month containers go from Rotterdam to Guinea-Bissau. The African Albino Foundation can send the boxes of sun lotion in one of these containers. Jan van Maanen and Alberto Siga then take care of the further distribution of the sun lotion in the capital.