Albinism in Kenya

Country: Kenya

Number of albino’s: 750

UV-protective materials dispatched
in 2015 : 675 litres sun lotion, in 2016 : 75 liter, in 2017 : 880 liter, plus  sungklasses, sun caps, UV-clothings etc.

Active since: 2008

In cooperation with the Verkaart Development Team, an organisation that facilitates and supports structural projects in Kenya, a project for albinos has been set up to support the local distribution of sun lotion and educative information campaigns. In March 2009 the Verkaart Development Team organised an Albino Awareness Day in the Kwale region. The African Albino Foundation donated 300 bottles of sun lotion and lip balm as a contribution to this day. Volunteer Manon van Oldenbarneveld, one of the organisers of this Albino Awareness Day, brought the bottles and lip balm from the Netherlands to Kenya and 94 albinos were helped by this. With this action Kenya was officially taken up in the foundation’s distribution programme and since then the number of albinos receiving sun lotion has risen to 750.

Distribution and educative information
The cooperation between the African Albino Foundation and the Verkaart Development Team will be continued to jointly improve the quality of life for as many albinos in Kenya as possible. The aim is send a container to Kenya twice a year. Our contact persons in Kenya, Beasy Mgobe who works for Verkaart in Ukunda, Mombassa and social worker Mohammed Almassi from the Eye Centre in Kwale, help us with the local distribution of the bottles of sun lotion, caps and protective clothing. As well as that they also organise educative information programmes to try to remove the prejudices of the local population.